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#25 = Sponge Bob 3D – Size 13′ x 13′ – Click for details

Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $135.00.




– Please ensure a minimum of 5 feet clearance around the inflatable from any obstructions. The total REQUIRED space is 18 square feet, with NO exceptions. Refunds will NOT be provided if the unit cannot fit safely in your space.

– We do NOT install on dirt, dry grass, or similar surfaces. Acceptable surfaces include concrete, live grass, asphalt, tile, or carpet.

– Standard rentals are for up to 7 hours, with the final pickup time scheduled between 6-9 pm. If you need special timing, contact us at

– For information on our STEPS/ELEVATOR/STEEP/LONG CARRY policy and additional fees, please inquire with us.

– For full details, please read our Terms & Conditions

Safety Tips:  

  1. Remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and loose objects before entering.
  2. Always have adult supervision.
  3. Use the bouncer one child at a time or children of similar age and size.
  4. Avoid rough play, flips, or wrestling inside the inflatable.
  5. Pregnant individuals or those with physical issues should not enter.
  6. Stay away from the entrance and exit areas.
  7. Stay hydrated and take frequent water breaks, especially in hot weather.
  8. Monitor the weather – winds over 13 mph can be unsafe, so close the bounce house during adverse weather conditions.

Play at Your Own Risk – Please read the safety instructions before entering; it is your responsibility. We will not be liable for any injuries.