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Ice Cream & Popsicles – Portable Cart #1


Ice cream/Popsicles & Supplies are not included. Please contact us if needed. 

Please email any decal/wrap files to after reservation 

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Ice cream/Popsicles are a GREAT option for any event!  Want to show your brand? or Message?  Expose your brand to corporate trade shows and company meetings! We can fully wrap this cart and convert your idea into reality!  ask us

***This cart is for rent ONLY and supplies (ice cream/popsicles) are not included***

***Rental is for up to 7 hours or a single event, and we must pick it and returned the same day***


*Fiberglass & Insulated tricycle Cart
*Cold plates (freeze cold plates 24-48 hrs in a separate freezer)
*600-700 estimate capacity of ice cream bars/popsicles (available for an additional charge)
*Rubber tires
*White umbrella

More details:
6 Eutectic Cold Plates (set weight 40lbs – 4 sm 17.5 x 12″ and 2 lg 17.5 x 18.5″, 1″ thick)
Internal Dimensions (without the plates) :
Width Top : 20″ Bottom 17″

Length: Top: 27″ Bottom : 25″

Height : 21″

Weight: 135lbs (w/out products)

Maximun payload 132 lbs

Cold plates refrigeration uses frozen eutectic plates inside the body compartment to absorb heat and maintain the desired temperature levels. Cold plates are removed from the cart and “refrozen” each day for 10-12 hrs in a separate freezer. The freezing temperature of the eutectic solution is -33°C. There are NO electric components in this cart. It does not plugin.

The eutectic plates are used to maintain the temperature of a product that is already refrigerated or frozen. The exchange coefficient of the plates is about 13.95 W/m2°C.