Portable Bar with (8hrs battery) Multi LED lighting – 62.75″x 49.09″x 34.84″

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Product Description

The Standard Bar is the perfect portable bar for a event catering or mobile bartending business looking to serve small to large parties. Standing at over 5.5 feet long, two bartenders can work simultaneously behind it. It’s safe to say this portable bar does not compromise working space for mobility. The Standard Portable Bar weight is 170 lbs, It’s literally the perfect portable bar for events!

The Standard Bar’s frame is constructed with high-quality powder coated steel and engineered with a tubular design. This keeps the bar’s weight down without taking away from its durability. The powder coated steel also makes the bar highly weather-resistant so you can use it as an indoor bar or outdoor patio bar. It rolls on industrial strength plated casters that are bolted on and replaceable.  The sides and counters fold down and lock into place with spring latches.

Included features Bar are: 2 ice bins, 2 cutting boards (the ice bin and cutting board locations are interchangeable), a sunken speed rail(fits 1 liter bottles), a 6” folding shelf above the working surface, and a protective canvas cover that fits the bar in the folded up position.

Plus, there is an LED kit upgrade which makes the entire bar glow. The LED kit is powered by a rechargeable cordless battery system with an 8-hour charge cycle. If you need a light up bar for longer than 8 hours, it can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet as well. The LED kit also comes with a remote operated controller which has multiple speed, brightness, and color settings. The included 8 colors options are: cyan, purple, white, orange, yellow, green, blue, and red. 

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